Game Point @ Bongo East

The first coffeehouse in East Nashville is now also home of the city’s first Board Game café.

Bongo East has partnered with Game Point Café, which means there is a curated game library of more than 300 classic, family, cooperative and strategic games for customers to play.  While playing, you are encouraged to have a drink from our extensive coffee menu, enjoy one of several craft beers on tap or fill up with a sandwich, salad or snack from our food menu.

The board games are available whenever Bongo East is open.  And Game Point Coaches are available in the evenings.

Best selling author Emily Giffin’s latest novel, All We Ever Wanted, is set right here in Nashville.  In talking about her favorite things to do in Nashville, she identifies Bongo East and Game Point as a hidden gem.  In fact, her characters meet up at Bongo in the story – do they get in a quick game of Lost Cities while they’re there?

Pretend you are in your own rom com adventure and come out to Game Point for some fun!

Next Event

Come out to Game Point for a Draft and a Draft.  We start off with a Magic the Gathering booster draft, then add on to that a draft beer from one of the many craft beers we have on tap (or a Kombucha or Nitro Coffee or . . . we have options).  Top that off with three rounds of Swiss with the deck you drafted, each win getting you a bonus pack.  It all adds up to a fun, fun night.  $20 (tax incl.) gets you the cards for the draft, any prize packs, and a draft beer.

We aim to get started between 6:30 and 7:00, but come out a little early for casual pick up games while you wait!

Whether you are currently into Magic, or looking to have some fun with the game that you loved to play back in middle school (high school?) (college?) – come on out for an evening of mana and memories.

(As long as we have six players we will hold the draft.  Must be 21 or over to play.)

Unless otherwise noted, Game Point Cafe is open to the public
for gaming during our special events.