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Publisher Demo – Flip City: Reuse

February 17, 2019 | 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

A local Envoy Herald will be on hand doing demos of the game Flip City: Reuse, an expansion to Flip City.  Tasty Minstrel Games, the publisher of the game describes it as

Build your own town in Flip City! In this deck-building game, you have no hand at all; instead, you play cards directly from the top of your deck. Winning the game requires delicate strategies…and some luck as well!!

A turn consists of two phases: card playing and building.

Players play cards directly from the top of their deck and may choose to continue unless they have three cry-face icons in play, which ends their turn immediately. When they choose to stop, they move to the building phase.

During the building phase, a player can use the coins gained from their previously played cards to buy a new card or to upgrade a card in their personal discard pile. To upgrade a card, pay the cost and flip it over; upgraded cards remain in the discard pile.

Since all cards in this game are double-sided, be careful not to flip them over accidentally when placing cards into your discard pile or when shuffling your deck.

Whenever a player gains eight or more VP during a single card playing phase, the player wins immediately!

Demos of the game will be available starting at 4:30 pm and can accommodate two to four players.  Come check it out!


February 17, 2019
4:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Game Point Cafe
107 S 11th Street
Nashville, TN 37206 United States
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