Game Point Café is a place for people to unplug and connect while playing board games.  We took the art of curating a fun, challenging and even educational game library seriously so you can relax, enjoy and possibly learn something while you interact with friends and family.

The café was created by two passionate board game players.  In 2006, Rick Keuler turned a life-long interest in board games into a 3-day annual board game convention with more than 700 attendees (Tennessee Game Days).  Bob Bernstein is best known as the founder of Bongo Java yet has been a board game player first as a kid playing the classics and now as a father playing modern games.   

Rick and Bob had separately thought about opening a board game café for years.  The reality came together when the board game guy met the café owner.  Rick curated the library.  Bob founded the café.  And together they created Game Point Café (a name that refers to both the idea of “Next Point Wins” and the café’s home in 5 Points East Nashville).

Let us share our passion for board games, community and entertainment.