Game Point @ Bongo East

The first coffeehouse in East Nashville is now also home of the city’s first Board Game café.

Bongo East has partnered with Game Point Café, which means there is a curated game library of more than 400 classic, family, cooperative and strategic games for customers to play.  While playing, you are encouraged to have a drink from our extensive coffee menu, enjoy a local craft beer or fill up with a sandwich, salad or snack from our food menu. Throughout the day, we have Game Coaches on hand to help you learn your new favorite game.  There is also a retail section for you to take the fun home with you.   We have a robust selection of game titles priced competitively with online stores so that you can feel good spending your money locally while still getting a great game at a good price.  We can special order titles as well.

Beat the summer heat and check out June’s game and coffee of the month!

10 Days in the USA is a great family game that combines classic Rack-o style game play with puzzle solving and geography skills! Each player is racing to complete a ten day journey across the United States by arranging their cards in a valid progression. Travel to adjacent states or use cars and planes to skip around the country in your adventure. 10 Days in the USA plays great at all player counts – two, three or four – and is easy to learn. It’s also a great game to sneak some geography skills in over the summer while still having a lot of fun. Designed by the same designer that created Ticket to Ride, this is a definite game to check out now that it is back in print. Stop by the cafe in East or the store in the Village today!

Our coffee of the month for June is The Birds and the Beans. This unique blend of Guatemala Rio Azul, Nicaragua and Ethiopia Sidama creates a unique flavor combination. It has tasting notes of Sweet Tea, Peach and Orange Zest. Yum! We will be roasting it all month at the cafe and selling retail bags for you to take home and enjoy as well.

Next Event

Magic Monday: Draft and a Draft is back! Yes we finally got draft beer (or draught for your purists out there) back online at Game Point!  We start off with a Magic the Gathering booster draft, then add on to that a beer (or signature drink of your choice).  Top that off with three rounds of Swiss with the deck you drafted, each match win getting you a bonus pack.  It all adds up to a fun, fun night.  $30 (plus tax) gets you the cards for the draft, any prize packs you win, and your first drink.

We are most often drafting the most current standard set, but you can check our social media the day of the event for any changes to that night’s format!

This isn’t Wizard Play sanctioned and usually is pretty laid back – a great way to play some Magic, especially if you haven’t played in a while.  Six people minimum for the draft.  We start gathering at 6 pm and registering people as soon as we have six folks.  Then we aim to get started as close to 6:30 pm as we can. Hope you’ll come join us!

Unless otherwise noted, Game Point Cafe is open to the public
for gaming during our special events.