Game Point @ Bongo East

The first coffeehouse in East Nashville is now also home of the city’s first Board Game café.

Bongo East has partnered with Game Point Café, which means there is a curated game library of more than 400 classic, family, cooperative and strategic games for customers to play.  While playing, you are encouraged to have a drink from our extensive coffee menu, enjoy a local craft beer or fill up with a sandwich, salad or snack from our food menu. Throughout the day, we have Game Coaches on hand to help you learn your new favorite game.  There is also a retail section for you to take the fun home with you.   We have a robust selection of game titles priced competitively with online stores so that you can feel good spending your money locally while still getting a great game at a good price.  We can special order titles as well.

The annual Tomato Art Fest is happening in Nashville this weekend, August 12th and 13th. If you haven’t been before it is a fun celebration of music, art, and, of course, Tomatoes! Crowd levels in Five Points are always very high. Consequently, we won’t have the game library open until after 6 pm on Friday or Saturday to allow crowd levels to drop to a more manageable point. We also ask that people not come in with their own games until after that time as well. Trust us, you won’t want to be playing games before then – the humanity!

After six, come on in and play some games with us!

Next Event

August 9 | 6:30 pm

Spades. Euchre. Hearts.

Second Tuesday of the month is Trick Taking Card Game Night at Game Point! Come out to Game Point and get into some card games.  New to trick taking games?  No worries, we’ll teach you the rules too!  And as we wait for people to arrive, we’ll get in some hands of the new cooperative trick taking game – The Crew.  Or if people are interested, we can also teach a ladder-based trick taking game, Tichu, that is super fun!

Unless otherwise noted, Game Point Cafe is open to the public
for gaming during our special events.