Catan Final Prelim Rankings

Thanks to everyone that came out over our three nights of preliminaries for the Catan National Championships! We saw a lot of great games played over the course of the three evenings – including one perfect 3-0 result!!

Next steps: check the rankings, if your name is above the line you are in the top 16 players and are invited to come back to Game Point on Monday February 10th. Starting at 7 pm, we will organize into four semifinal games – the winner of each of those games will then move to the final game. That winner will be our Game Point representative and headed to Origins for the National Champs!

If you aren’t in the top 16, please show up. We always have some people not able to make it and we will fill those spots in order of rankings. I already know of at least one finalist that can’t make it.

Thanks for coming out – if you didn’t qualify, or just want to play some more Catan, there will be another qualifier as part of Tennessee Game Days – the first weekend in March!