Catan Qualifiers – Standings After Round 2

Last evening we saw another round of competitive and entertaining games of Catan! We also had one player with a PERFECT NIGHT – three wins!

We have tallied the scores and now have the current standings going into the final night. Remember, we only count your best NIGHT – if you play in round three and do better than your previous efforts that will be your entry in the final standings.

After Sunday’s Round Three, the top 16 people will be invited back for the finals on February 10th. If you are on the cusp, you should show up that night – I already know of one player in the top rankings that might not be able to make it, I’m sure there might be others.

Final Round will be this Sunday at Game Point (we will have the other BIG GAME on a television that we are bringing in for the evening). Final standings will be up sometime Monday, February 3rd. Good Luck