April Coffee of the Month

While playing a game at Game Point this month, be sure to have a steaming hot cup of our Coffee of the Month, Honduras Unwashed. From the Maroala region of Honduras, this coffee is a Bongo Premium Lot (meaning it is produced by one farmer instead of the entire coffee cooperative) and has notes of Strawberry and Dark Chocolate. It is also unwashed, meaning that the coffee is fermented out in the sun while still in the cherry instead of being pulped and fermented in holding tanks for two to three days. Being dried in the cherries imparts pronounced fruit notes, which you’ll be sure to notice when you try it out.

Honduras Unwashed

Our Coffee of the Month

If you enjoy this offering, don’t forget you can purchase a retail bag right in our cafe. Our coffee of the month is always 10% off, and if you come in on a Tuesday, all bags are $2 off – a double bonus. Game on!