Game Point Turns 4!

It’s Game Point’s Fourth Anniversary and we’re giving the gift to you!

It’s our fourth anniversary and we’re rolling out the red* dice to provide discounts to our gaming community!

Commit to buy any of our many games in stock before November 15 and save 10% – 24% on your purchase. The percentage discount will equal the total you roll on four dice. That is, role four 6s and save 24%, role 2,3,3,5 (my favorite four digit number that isn’t my ATM pin number) and save 13%. And because we love most of you, we’re making the minimum discount 10% for all of you.

Getting to 4 wasn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, it may have been as difficult as learning the rules to Agricola, Scythe or perhaps even Ticket to Ride by reading the instructions. We survived a tornado that knocked our power out for weeks, a pandemic that still rears its ugly head as well as less drastic things like a few over-heated Battleship battles.

We thank all of the Catan cultists, the  Dominion dabblers and the Q-Less conquerors. So come on in, play some games and take some home with you as well – there’s always time for games!

(Speaking of Q-Less, check out this locally-invented solitaire word game at our store; they are selling quickly!)

* Dice may not actually be red. Discount is only for retail game purchases and is not applicable to special orders (’cause they are at a darn great discount already). One discount purchase per person per day. Discount limited to the games you brought up to purchase before rolling, no adding or giving back based on your die roll. And other fine print that we hang up in the store.

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