Marvel Champions Subscriptions

Saving the world doesn’t have to be hard.

Welcome true believers – if you are a fan of Marvel Champions, the great living card game from Fantasy Flight Games, then you are in the right place. If you are unfamiliar, Marvel Champions is a cooperative card game set in the Marvel Universe. You play as a Marvel super hero balancing your time between you heroic persona and your secret identity to fight villains and prevent their evil schemes. It’s termed a “living card game” because every few weeks, new content is released for Marvel Champions – whether that’s new heroes or adventure expansions with new villains to fight. Sometimes if you miss the initial release of these expansions, it can be a while before you can find them again. That’s where the Marvel Champions Subscription can help you save the world!

Signing up for a Marvel Champions Subscription with Game Point means never having to worry when new Marvel Champions content is arriving. We preorder every expansion for you and then let you know when they release and we have them in store. Then you can just come buy, pay for your new expansion (at a significant discount over the regular retail price) and enjoy the latest Marvel content! To sign up, just head over to our online store, and purchase a Marvel Subscription – the $10 will be applied to your first expansion. When checking out be sure to provide good contact information so that we can get in touch when your expansions arrive. If you have any questions, please drop us a line.

Saving the world has never been so easy!

(If you’re new to the game, we have it at the cafĂ© for you to play. We also have occasionally Marvel Champions Nights where you can come play with people that are already into the game. And we almost always have the starter set in stock in our retail selection!)