The Game Plan

A Subscription for Fun!

The Game Plan! It’s simple – first subscribe to one of our plans. Then, we’ll send a brief survey so that our Game Coaches can select games tailored for the recipient! We’ll ask for feedback after every game so that the gift gets even more perfect as it continues!

➤ Navigate over to our webstore and select the Game Plan that is right for you — regardless of length, each package’s games will have a retail value greater than the amount charged!

The 3 Month (Monthly) Game Plan for $100 (plus tax)

The 6 Month (Bimonthly) Game Plan for $100 (plus tax)

The 6 Month (Monthly) Game Plan for $180 (plus tax)

The 12 Month (Bimonthly) Game Plan for $180 (plus tax) or

The 12 Month (Monthly) Game Plan for $350 (plus tax)

➤ Be sure to provide your email address at checkout so we can contact you and send you a certificate so that they know what’s coming!

➤ A few weeks before each game day, we’ll give them a few options based on their tastes– that way the heavy gamers don’t get duplicates!

➤ On the Game Plan Game Day (the 15th of the month), we’ll send a reminder that their personalized game is ready for pickup either at Game Point Café (in East Nashville) or at Fido (in Hillsboro Village).

You can sit back and know that the fun has just begun!

Some Other Plans Coming in 2021

Self Guided Game Plan – You’ll pick a list of games you are interested in and we’ll set a price for the plan. Then on your Game Plan Game Day, you’ll pick up a gaming surprise package!

Game Plan Gaming Group – once we can gather in person again, we are going to also offer a Game Plan focused around a Gaming Group. The idea is that people will gather together on the Game Plan Game Day and all receive the same title, our Coaches will then teach the new game that night and you’ll meet some new people to play with as well – that’s a win win!