To the Point: Flanx

(To the Point is a new periodic post we will be doing to highlight a new game or overlooked older game that you might want to try on your next visit to Game Point!)

Looking for a quick, real time card game that is both frantic and fantastic?  Look no further than Flanx by Lark & Clam.  In Flanx, each player is trying to play cards to out flank their opponent and be the first to get a card behind their opponent’s cards.  

There are no turns in Flanx, each player has a hand of three cards in front of them available to play to the board.  You simply need to match the green or pink circles to one of your cards on the table, while also making sure the puzzle pieces line up with the central shape above or below the card where you want to place.  Play fast enough and you’ll outflank your opponent and get a card behind their cards – like black did in the lower right corner above.

Flanx is for two players and can be played in about two minutes – a perfect distraction while you wait for your Chai Latte!  Check it out at Game Point – it’s located near the cards games in a small cube shaped box – or ask a Game Coach to find it and teach it to you!