Tuesday Nights have Leveled Up!

Picture of crowded evening, blurred

Tuesday evenings at Game Point we have traditionally hosted a series of game specific events – chess night, word games, etc. Then a few months ago, we launched Game Point Game Night on the last Tuesday of the month. Game Point Game Night was a chance to come on out to Game Point if you were looking to play some games but didn’t have a group of people that wanted to come out with you – a way to meet new people and play some games. It’s been a blast – we’ve played things from all over the gaming spectrum – party games like Medium and Long Shot the Dice Game, word games like Letter Jam, strategy games like Dominion, and new games like Art Decko and Akropolis. But why limit the fun to just the last Tuesday of the month?

Now EVERY Tuesday is Game Point Game Night – we are running them concurrently with the game focus for that Tuesday. So, for example, if you come out the second Tuesday and want to play Euchre or some other trick taking game, you can OR you can jump into any other type of game as well OR you can do both and swap back and forth. More options, more fun, more gaming – Tuesdays at Game Point are the place to be. So come on out, grab a drink or a snack, and play some games!