New Game Spotlight: Decrypto

Coffee . . . Sabertooth tiger . . . Cucumber Sandwich . . . code is 4-3-1!

Ever wanted to be a code breaker listening in on secret transmissions from the enemy side?  Now you can in the latest game in at Game Point, Decrypto!  In Decrypto, the new game from publisher iello games, two teams square off and try to intercept each other’s secret code.  Steal their signals twice and you win but fail to get your own team the secret message and you lose the game.

Decrypto can’t currently be purchased online – so you’ll want to come in to try and buy this great new title at Game Point.


Catan Champ Crowned

This past weekend at Tennessee Game Days, our final four players faced off to be crowned the champ of the Game Point Catan National Championship Qualifier.  The board was tight and the game was close with multiple players near victory up until the very end.  When the dust settled, after three preliminary rounds, and a semifinal round, Justin Hornkohl (pictured far left) was the winner.  He will go on to represent us at the Origins Game Fair this summer and hopefully bring home a national title.  Good Luck Justin!

Tennessee Game Days is this Weekend

Tennessee Game Days is a three day gaming convention held annually in the greater Nashville area (it’s at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs this year).  Most of our game coaches are headed there this weekend for a little professional development.  Game Point will be open for as usual, but just be aware that, while the games are ready for you, coaching will be a little lighter.

Catan Qualifiers Semifinals

Tomorrow, Sunday, February 25th, Game Point will hold the semifinal matches for the our Catan National Championship Qualifier.  After three rounds of preliminaries, we will be bringing back the top sixteen players to compete for a seat at the final game.  If you played in the preliminaries, you can check the standings list to see if you made the semifinals.  If you are just outside the top sixteen, you should come out tomorrow in case someone doesn’t make it.  We will fill in from highest ranked person in attendance.  Spectators welcome!

New at Game Point – Stuffed Fables

If you ever watched Toy Story and wished you could be one of the toys, then we have the game for you.  In Stuffed Fables, you and up to three friends take on the role of stuffed animals trying to keep “their kid” safe from the things that go bump in the night.  You work together to defeat the evil minions and have a daring adventure.  All in around 90 minutes.  We have Stuffed Fables on our “Just in Shelf” at Game Point now.


Catan Standings

We had another strong showing of people for the second round of our US Catan Championship qualifier series.  Later this year, the winner will get to move on to the Origins Game Fair in Ohio for a chance to be crowned the US Catan Champion.  If you have never tried Catan and are wondering what all the fuss is about, come on out to Game Point and our game coaches will have you up and running in no time.


Winter Wonderland

There’s a new signature drink available at Game Point now – the Winter Wonderland!  It’s a latte with white chocolate, lavender, peppermint, and topped with dark chocolate shavings.  The Winter Wonderland is available both iced and hot.  It’s delicious and the perfect pick me up on  a cold icy winter evening.

Speaking of icy, while you are enjoying that Winter Wonderland, try out Ice Cool!  In Ice Cool, you assume the role of a penguin during a massive game of tag going on in your ice school.  Run away from the hall monitor and gather your fish first and you’ll be the coolest bird around.  This fun dexterity game actually uses the box as the game board – you need to try it yourself.

Our game coach will be happy to teach you Ice Cool or any other of our close to 300+ games. So come in grab a Winter Wonderland and a table and get ready for a fun night!

Board Game Charity Drive

Throughout the month of December, Game Point will be collection donations of new and gently used games to donate to Safe Haven Family Shelter.  Safe Haven is the only shelter to housing program in Middle Tennessee that accepts entire families.  The donations made to this drive will be used to augment the other entertainment options for the children that arrive at the shelter with their family when experiencing a housing crisis.


Charterstone – Available for Preorder

Charterstone is a new Legacy style game from Stonemaier Games for 1-6 players.  “Legacy Style” means that a game is altered as it is played based on the decisions of the players or by the outcomes of previous games.  Players change the experience by altering, adding or destroying game pieces, changing the rules, or marking up the board to change how the game fundamentally plays.  In Charterstone, you are a citizen tasked with expanding the kingdom’s borders.  Over the course of 12 games you will create a unique worker placement game that then can be played again and again.  The game will hit the shelves on December 12th.  We are accepting preorders now for Charterstone ($52 preorder price) to ensure you get a copy the first day, email us your order at


Bring the In-Laws to Game Point – And Save!

Thanksgiving Weekend – Buy a Game during your Visit and Save on Food and Drink

Turkey leftovers staring you down?  Not sure you can weather another family debate?  Wanting to start holiday shopping but the idea of the mall fills you with fear?  Game Point has the solution to all three!

Come to Game Point and have some FUN with your FAMILY – we’ll have Game Coaches around Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 pm until close.  Plus, you can skip warmed up turkey sandwiches and enjoy some great food and drink while you play.  And, as if that wasn’t tempting enough, start your holiday shopping by buying a game while you’re here and take 15% off of your food and drink tab.  It’s a perfect holiday trifecta!  Read on for all the details.