Sunday Dominion Event

Whether you’re a seasoned Dominion veteran or a new player looking to play a bunch of games, you need to be at Game Point Sunday, June 5th for our Dominion Tournament.  Sign up ahead of time or show up to register at 6 pm.  Then at 6:30 pm, you will play the first of three games of Dominion – every player will rotate through and try their luck at three different set ups.  We’ll look at everyone’s scores at the end of three rounds and the top four players will play a winner take all final game!  Winner will get their choice of a Dominion Expansion or a Game Point gift card!

There’s no fee for entering the event but each player is asked to spend a minimum of $15 on food and drink throughout the evening.

Cascadia Back in Stock

The new smash hit, Cascadia, from AEG has been flying off the shelves all winter. We just got a new shipment in this week. Grab your copy now!

In Cascadia, each turn you are tasked with selecting one of several combinations of animal tokens and land tiles. You will use the land to expand your map. Then place the animal token on one of your land tiles that match the animal’s habitat. Your goal is to place the animals in ways that match the scoring cards for this game. This game is simple to learn, engaging to play and fun! Come out to Game Point today to try it out – and maybe take home a copy, too!

Link to Marvel Champions Subscriptions

Events are Coming Back to Game Point

That picture is from Game Point’s soft launch over four years ago. A simple time when we didn’t have to consider a global pandemic when planning how to play board games!

With case counts starting to slowly come down in Davidson County, we are going to slowly start bringing events back to Game Point. We’ve missed teaching you new games, hosting your fun groups, and just having the place hustling and bustling. We’ve added a whole new slate of events, from old favorites to new Learn to Play nights. Hopefully, there’s something you are looking for, and, if not, suggest something!

For the month of February, we are requesting that if you attend an event to please wear a mask – especially since events mingle people from different social circles. Thanks in advance and can’t wait to see you at the table!

Check out all our planned events on the Events Page.

Online Store Back Online!

We spent some time right after the start of the new year doing some inventory at the cafe and updating the online store. It’s back online for your convenience. It provides a rough real time view of what we have in the cafe for purchase. You can buy online and then come pick it up or grab it off the shelf when you’re at Game Point. Either way, we appreciate you buying local and supporting us!

Reduced Hours Saturday (1/8)

Roads are improving! If things are safe where you are, and you are ready to get out of the house, come have a hot drink and settle into a great board game! We’ll be open at 9 am until 7 pm tonight. Perfect for some late afternoon chai lattes and a game of Patchwork or after dinner hot chocolates and Medium. Come out and play with us.

(Haven’t played either of those games? You need to get in here and try them!)

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Closed for Snow

We are closed due to the inclement weather again today, January 7th. We hope to reopen on Saturday. We’ll update here and on all our social media when we have a better idea. Stay warm, stay safe, and hopefully you have some board games to play!

E-Gift Cards Make Great Gifts!

Looking for that last minute holiday gift? We still have plenty of games in stock that you can come in and purchase. Need a suggestion? Email us and we’ll help you make the perfect pick!

But even easier are our Instagift gift cards. You can go online, purchase a Game Point branded gift card, and then have that card emailed instantly to your recipient. It’s the ultimate last minute holiday surprise. Just head on over to our instagift store and make some one’s holiday!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Game Point!

Game Point Turns 4!

It’s Game Point’s Fourth Anniversary and we’re giving the gift to you!

It’s our fourth anniversary and we’re rolling out the red* dice to provide discounts to our gaming community!

Commit to buy any of our many games in stock before November 15 and save 10% – 24% on your purchase. The percentage discount will equal the total you roll on four dice. That is, role four 6s and save 24%, role 2,3,3,5 (my favorite four digit number that isn’t my ATM pin number) and save 13%. And because we love most of you, we’re making the minimum discount 10% for all of you.

Getting to 4 wasn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, it may have been as difficult as learning the rules to Agricola, Scythe or perhaps even Ticket to Ride by reading the instructions. We survived a tornado that knocked our power out for weeks, a pandemic that still rears its ugly head as well as less drastic things like a few over-heated Battleship battles.

We thank all of the Catan cultists, the  Dominion dabblers and the Q-Less conquerors. So come on in, play some games and take some home with you as well – there’s always time for games!

(Speaking of Q-Less, check out this locally-invented solitaire word game at our store; they are selling quickly!)

* Dice may not actually be red. Discount is only for retail game purchases and is not applicable to special orders (’cause they are at a darn great discount already). One discount purchase per person per day. Discount limited to the games you brought up to purchase before rolling, no adding or giving back based on your die roll. And other fine print that we hang up in the store.

Link to Marvel Champions Subscriptions

Group Events

One of the special things about Game Point is that, in addition to being a great place to gather with tasty treats and a fun library, we also try to host community gaming groups and events for people to discover the fun of tabletop games. Meeting new people and learning about them in a fun way is part of what makes board games special. We are excited to slowly be reintroducing those events to Game Point over the course of the fall. Keep your eyes on this space and our calendar or our Facebook page, where we’ll create FB events, as well.

Don’t see your favorite event right away, don’t fret! We will be launching more and more as we move forward. You can always reach out if you have questions though. Also, if you have an idea for an event, reach out and let us know. We love supporting community ideas by helping get events off the ground.

In the meantime, we are open daily from 7 am until 10 pm – come in, put those screens away, and enjoy some face to face time with family and friends!

We are BACK!

The wait is finally over, we are back open and in full swing. We are open daily from 7 am to 10 pm for good coffee, great beers, tasty sandwiches and snacks, and of course, games!

We’ve cleaned up the game library, moved it back in, and are adding new games almost daily. So what are you waiting for? It has been way too long, and we have missed hosting you way too much, so make plans to come out soon. It’s game time again in Nashville!