Status Update – Still Closed

Game Point, along with all of the other Bongo World locations, remains closed right now. Despite the loosening of Nashville’s Stay at Home orders allowing restaurants to operate, operating safely in the current environment is difficult for a restaurant.  That risk doubles when you add in a library of hundreds of awesome board games.  So until we can provide a safe environment, we will remain closed.  The earliest that we could likely resume operations is Nashville’s Phase Three of the Roadmap for Reopening, when “bars and entertainment venues” can reopen.

Over the past few weeks, we have made some “emergency” game deliveries for customers that need a new title.  We are going wide with that service later this week — we’ll be adding board game curbside pick up and deliveries. Stay Tuned!

And be sure to drop us a note on social media and let us know all the fun stuff you are playing while at home!

Stay safe and keep playing!

Closed for Now . . .

What a week it has been! Last week we were hosting Euchre Night and getting ready to take our retail stock to Tennessee Game Days. Then the tornadoes of March 2 hit and changed everything.

Thank you for all the messages of concern we received. We were truly luck that Bongo East / Game Point was minimally damaged in the storms. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about our neighborhood. There will be a lot of rebuilding that needs to be done!

For the immediate time being, we are closed. Our equipment is intact and the game library survived the winds, but we are without power, internet and access to the building. We will keep you abreast of developments here and on our social media.

In the meantime, please help those that you can – donate some time or money to those effected by the storms. We look forward to seeing you around the gaming tables sometime soon!

Catan Final Prelim Rankings

Thanks to everyone that came out over our three nights of preliminaries for the Catan National Championships! We saw a lot of great games played over the course of the three evenings – including one perfect 3-0 result!!

Next steps: check the rankings, if your name is above the line you are in the top 16 players and are invited to come back to Game Point on Monday February 10th. Starting at 7 pm, we will organize into four semifinal games – the winner of each of those games will then move to the final game. That winner will be our Game Point representative and headed to Origins for the National Champs!

If you aren’t in the top 16, please show up. We always have some people not able to make it and we will fill those spots in order of rankings. I already know of at least one finalist that can’t make it.

Thanks for coming out – if you didn’t qualify, or just want to play some more Catan, there will be another qualifier as part of Tennessee Game Days – the first weekend in March!

Catan Qualifiers – Standings After Round 2

Last evening we saw another round of competitive and entertaining games of Catan! We also had one player with a PERFECT NIGHT – three wins!

We have tallied the scores and now have the current standings going into the final night. Remember, we only count your best NIGHT – if you play in round three and do better than your previous efforts that will be your entry in the final standings.

After Sunday’s Round Three, the top 16 people will be invited back for the finals on February 10th. If you are on the cusp, you should show up that night – I already know of one player in the top rankings that might not be able to make it, I’m sure there might be others.

Final Round will be this Sunday at Game Point (we will have the other BIG GAME on a television that we are bringing in for the evening). Final standings will be up sometime Monday, February 3rd. Good Luck

Catan Qualifiers – Standings after Round 1

The Road to the 2020 Championships begins at Game Point!

On Wednesday, January 22nd, the 2020 Game Point Qualifier for the U.S. Catan National Championship kicked off Round 1. Although we started slightly later than anticipated (sorry again and thanks for your patience!), a great night of Catan was had . We saw lots of different winners across the three games, and a couple people that challenged to sweep the night!

Our top 16 players will be invited back for the semifinal and final games on Monday, February 10th. Players are invited to compete in as many qualifier evenings as they wish, but only your best night will be counted.

Hope you’ll come out and play some Catan!

Happy Halloween

Hey all you ghouls and goblins, just a reminder that we are closing early on Thursday, October 31 at 5 pm. Play a scary game at home tonight and come shed those spooky spirits on Friday with our usual gaming hours!

New Evening Menu

Whether you are looking for a savory or sweet treat, we’ve got you covered. There are plenty of new options to give you the sustenance you need to maybe play just one more great game with your friends.

Try them out at Game Point tonight!

Catan Qualifier – Final Standings

After three rounds of qualifiers, the final standings are linked below. The Top 16 finishers are invited back to Game Point on Tuesday, February 19th for the Semifinal and Final Rounds. Come out to watch and root on our top players!

PLEASE NOTE: our ultimate winner must be over 18 and a US citizen; if that disqualifies you for any reason, please let us know.

If you are outside the top 16, feel free to show up as a potential alternate. If a top 16 finisher fails to show, we will take the next highest finisher that is present on Tuesday evening. Thanks and good luck!

Catan Qualifier – Standings Update

We have had two very competitive rounds of qualifiers for the Game Point Catan Championship. The top 16 players will be invited back on February 19th to play in the semifinals and then the final game to crown the Game Point Catan Champ – who will go on to compete in the U.S. National Championship! Our final qualifier is Sunday, February 17th. Good luck to all the competitors!

The link below is to the current standings. One player had both scores in the top 16, so their lower score is filled grey as it will not count. Just a reminder: we take each person’s best score from any one of the three nights.

To the Point: Flanx

(To the Point is a new periodic post we will be doing to highlight a new game or overlooked older game that you might want to try on your next visit to Game Point!)

Looking for a quick, real time card game that is both frantic and fantastic?  Look no further than Flanx by Lark & Clam.  In Flanx, each player is trying to play cards to out flank their opponent and be the first to get a card behind their opponent’s cards.   Read More  »