June Game and Coffee of the Month

Beat the summer heat and check out June’s game and coffee of the month!

10 Days in the USA is a great family game that combines classic Rack-o style game play with puzzle solving and geography skills! Each player is racing to complete a ten day journey across the United States by arranging their cards in a valid progression. Travel to adjacent states or use cars and planes to skip around the country in your adventure. 10 Days in the USA plays great at all player counts – two, three or four – and is easy to learn. It’s also a great game to sneak some geography skills in over the summer while still having a lot of fun. Designed by the same designer that created Ticket to Ride, this is a definite game to check out now that it is back in print. Stop by the cafe in East or the store in the Village today!

Our coffee of the month for June is The Birds and the Beans. This unique blend of Guatemala Rio Azul, Nicaragua and Ethiopia Sidama creates a unique flavor combination. It has tasting notes of Sweet Tea, Peach and Orange Zest. Yum! We will be roasting it all month at the cafe and selling retail bags for you to take home and enjoy as well.

Board Game Flea Market

We are pushing the sale back to 10 am to let the rain clear out. See you then!

Saturday, May 25th from 9 am to noon, we will be hosting our biannual board game flea market. We will have multiple community sellers on hand looking to move their loved board games to new homes! That home could be yours! Come on out, grab a coffee or pastry from the cafe, and then browse the deals waiting for you. (Rain – it looks like we should have a window to hold this event, if the weather gets dicey, check our social media and we’ll post updates!)

April Coffee of the Month

While playing a game at Game Point this month, be sure to have a steaming hot cup of our Coffee of the Month, Honduras Unwashed. From the Maroala region of Honduras, this coffee is a Bongo Premium Lot (meaning it is produced by one farmer instead of the entire coffee cooperative) and has notes of Strawberry and Dark Chocolate. It is also unwashed, meaning that the coffee is fermented out in the sun while still in the cherry instead of being pulped and fermented in holding tanks for two to three days. Being dried in the cherries imparts pronounced fruit notes, which you’ll be sure to notice when you try it out.

Honduras Unwashed

Our Coffee of the Month

If you enjoy this offering, don’t forget you can purchase a retail bag right in our cafe. Our coffee of the month is always 10% off, and if you come in on a Tuesday, all bags are $2 off – a double bonus. Game on!

Closing Early on Tuesday

In the face of Tornado Watches until 9 pm, we are going to close early tonight, Tuesday, April 2nd. We will close up shop at 5 pm. See you for our usual hours on Wednesday, April 3rd. Thanks and be safe!

We are Back at it!

Cafe in Five Points is open normal hours today, 7 am – 10 pm. Retail store in Hillsboro Village is open normally at 10 am but closing a little early at 3 pm. Come out and spend some time with us!

Delayed Opening on 1/19

Due to the next round of this winter weather bombardment, we will be opening the cafe late on Friday at 9 am. We also plan to open the Hillsboro Village store at our normal hours. Any updates will be noted here, so check back for the latest. Stay warm and safe out there!

And we are back!

Sorry for the gap in service caused by the winter weather we’ve had the past few days. We are back and open today, Wednesday, January 17th. Cafe will have slightly modified hours (8 am until 9 pm). Hillsboro Village store will be open our usual time (10 am – 4 pm). Need to get out of the house or want a new game to get you through these snow days? We’ve got you covered!

Closed for Winter Weather

Due to the big snowstorm in the area, Game Point will be closed on Monday (9/15) and Tuesday (9/16). We are hoping to be open on Wednesday, likely with limited hours. Stay tuned for more info!

Votes for Women – Expand Learning and Celebration of Women’s History

Why limit celebrating the major milestones in women’s history to just the month of March? With Votes for Women, you have the perfect opportunity to relive the fight for ratification of the 19th amendment any time, all year long! Votes for Women asks players to take on the role of the suffrage movement (or the opposition). In the game, you will work to get enough states in your corner to amend the Constitution and expand the right to vote (or stop it from happening)! Will Tennessee’s native son, Harry Burn, once again be the final vote secure the amendment’s passage or will the game play out differently? It’s up to you and your strategies!

Box cover of Votes for Women board game with the subtitle "Join the American Women's Suffrage Movement 1848-1920"

Here’s more about Votes for Women from the publisher, Fort Circle Games:

From a small gathering in Seneca Falls, New York to the ratification of the 19th Amendment, the Women’s Suffrage Movement waged a seventy year battle to secure the most fundamental right of citizenship for half of the American population. While the 19th Amendment by no means guaranteed every woman access to the ballot, it stands as a testament to the power of movements and the brilliant determination of its members. The story of how suffragists won Votes for Women has never been more relevant given the resurgent movement politics of today. 

Votes for Women captures and celebrates the struggle by inviting players to join the suffrage movement, organize support, and campaign for victory across the 48 states that were called to ratify the 19th Amendment in 1919-1920. The card-driven game can be played cooperatively, competitively, or in solitaire mode, and in each version players must navigate the historic events, movement schisms, and political challenges of the era to win. The board is simple to set up and the artwork is inspired by the classic designs used by suffragists themselves.

– From Fort Circle Games website

Players can choose to play Votes for Women competitively with one player representing the suffrage movement the other playing the opposition or cooperatively (or solo) by playing against the “oppobot” described in the games rulebook. The game features a card driven play style similar to games like Twilight Struggle and 1960: the Making of the President. Each of the over 100 cards in the game features historical figures and events from the suffrage movement that creates an opportunity for learning more about the historical period while playing the game.

You can purchase Votes for Women at the cafe or in our retail store in Hillsboro Village today!